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Russ Murry

Russ Murry

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Welcome to the galleries of Russ Murry. Murryarty is the brand name, for the images, illustrations and photographs.
Murry's talent for art was seen at an early age and pursued his study of it with the Batley School of Art and Design in the late seventies, chosen disciplines being graphic design and photography, graduating with distinction, then moved into advertising.

Eclectic and diverse in interests and subject matter and approach to my work, some of which are offered here. Many of these photographic images are treated as painting with pixels rather than paint, utilising the realism of the camera but then subverting it into a unique piece, capturing not just an image but mood.
Popular with collectors and interior designers alike, sourcing decor pieces of some of his more emotive, sometimes quirky images.

If you have any questions regarding other pieces from this artist please don't hesitate to contact us.


The images you buy as prints will NOT show any watermarks, just the Murryarty logo

All work in this portfolio is copyright 2013 Russ Murry.
NONE of these photographs may be edited, copied, reproduced, printed, distributed, displayed, or used in any way, in whole or in part, without permission. Please respect copyright and do not save or download any images. These images are NOT public domain.


Berry bush by Russ Murry


New Life In Fantasia by Russ Murry


Bluebell Wood by Russ Murry


Open by Russ Murry


Fancy Tulip by Russ Murry


Watercolour Boat by Russ Murry


Splendour by Russ Murry


Love Is by Russ Murry


Happiness is by Russ Murry


Service Please by Russ Murry


Temple of the gods by Russ Murry


Soft nude by Russ Murry


seated nude by Russ Murry


Red Nude by Russ Murry


Peace be with you by Russ Murry


Peace be with you too by Russ Murry


Blue windows by Russ Murry


Cream Meadow by Russ Murry


The Meadow by Russ Murry


White Meadow by Russ Murry


Green Meadow by Russ Murry


Gold Burlap Meadow by Russ Murry


Gold Meadow by Russ Murry